Super Mario 3D World

From Hiccup
To do:
  • Some normal/specular maps show early designs
    • WoodBox
    • KinokoBig
  • Japanese text texture in DashRidgeTexture
  • Unused sounds

Unused Behaviours[edit]

To do:
look for more
  • Palm Trees can be destroyed by Mega Mario
  • Roulette Blocks can be destroyed by Mega Mario
  • Pipes sometimes have their parameter set to be non-destroyable by Mega Mario, but these pipes are never used near Mega Mushrooms.

Unused Object[edit]

To do:
Aurum: "MeraWanwan is in 3D World as well. Maybe it's missing in your dump? Mine has got the file."

MeraWanwan ("Fire Chain Chomp") is an object mentioned in the code of the game. It doesn't have any ObjectData here. However, ObjectData does exist in Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker for Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS.