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Damaged Images[edit]

[the string "JPEG" exists in the final too and it is probably actually used there - for exporting the photo album images to Nintendo 3DS Camera (which uses JPEG images).]

Unused Objects[edit]

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There are some objects existent or referenced in this demo that are not existent or referenced in the final.





Unlike in the final game, ObjectData\ResourceSystem.szs\ResourceCategoryTable.byml lists some removed ObjectData files.

Directory Name Translation Notes
ObjectData LineEnemy - Obviously related to LineEnemyGenerator.
ObjectData Shell - May be the Clam enemy that has appeared in previous 3D Mario games, sometimes referred to as "Shell" or "Shellfish" internally.
ObjectData GeneratorBoxHopBig - Possibly a early or large version of GeneratorBoxHop, which is the larger ! Block that spawns "child object" platforms.
ObjectData GeneratorBoxHopBigChild - Possibly a early or large version of GeneratorBoxHopChild, which is "child object" platform spawned by GeneratorBoxHop.
MapPartsData HayashidaFixMap016 - Koichi Hayashida is the game's director. MapPartsData doesn't exist in the final game or the demo. "Fix" refers to non-moving objects.
MapPartsData HayashidaFixMap140 - -
MapPartsData HayashidaFixMap141 - -
MapPartsData HayashidaRotateParts002 - -
MapPartsData HayashidaRotateParts010 - -
MapPartsData KakinumaFixParts131 - Haruka Kakinuma is one of the Level Design staff.
ObjectData KoopaLv1ForE3StepA Bowser - Level 1 - For E3 - Step - A Might have been used for (part of) the Bowser battle shown in the E3 2011 trailer.
(Source: Original TCRF research)