WIP:New Super Mario Bros. 2/DLC

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Unused Levels[edit]

The original versions of the DLC (Japan, USA and Europe) contain some unused levels. Levels prefixed with "10" are in the Gold Rush Pack and levels prefixed "11" are part of Coin Challenge Pack A.


Filename: 10-4


Filename: 10-5

Early "Coin Challenge Pack - Course 2"[edit]

Filename: 10-6


Filename: 10-7


Filename: 10-8


Filename: 10-9

Hidden Stage Elements[edit]

  • 13-1 has an unused bonus area (Area 2).
  • 16-2 has palm trees outside Z1 and a misplaced(?) solid-on-top platform above Z1.
  • 16-3 has moving blocks outside view in A2 Z1?
  • 18-1 has three Plus Clocks on the right of A1 Z1. It also has a line on the right of A2 Z1. There are two (identical?) versions of the downwards platform section, one in A2 Z1, one on its own in A1 Z1.
  • 18-3 has a misplaced Plus Clock and Solid-on-top platform top-right of A1 Z1
  • 18-3 A2 has normal pipe joints underneath [b]every single[/b] black pipe joint!
  • 18-3 A2 Z3 has some different pipes under a black pipe.
  • Gold Mushroom Pack - Course 2 has some unknown tileset objects under some terrain tileset objects [confirm].