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Note: nybbles are counted starting from 1.

Unused Actors[edit]

Jelly Lift[edit]

In-game Texture
NSMB JellyLiftInGame.png NSMB JellyLiftTexture.png

Actor 233 / Sprite 175, which uses the texture archive puyo_lift.nsbtx, is a rectangular platform that has three modes, determined by nybble 4:

  • 0 - Stretch up & down, propelling the player and other physics-affected actors
  • 1 - Depressed while stood on
  • 2 - Solid

For its graphics it uses one tile from a texture caleld sampletex2, which appears to contain early Brick Block animation sprite sheet. You can see very similar (if not identical) Brick Block graphics in prerelease versions.

Coin Spawner[edit]

Actor 92 / Sprite 196. "Thows" a specified amount of physics-affected coins out from the location fo the actor when the specified event is activated. You can set the amount to up to 255 coins, but the game slows down at around 50 coins, the top of the visible background glitches at around 100 and the game crashes and around 120. The speed the coins are thrown at can also be specified.

Placeholder Actor[edit]

Actor 325 is a dummy actor that fills up many unused sprite slots.

Unused Actor Settings[edit]

Pipe Piranha Plants[edit]

Has a setting for firing multiple fireballs in one go at nybble 11-12. A setting like this was used in New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

Cheep Cheep[edit]

Has two unused modes in nybble 12:

  • 2 - it bounces on the surface of the water, with no particle effects or sounds
  • 3 - it swims up against the terrain it is placed on, like how the Spike Top moves. Nybble 10 determines the starting direction for the climbing.


If nybble 12 is set to 1 it moves faster than usual.


If nybble 12 is set to 1 it moves faster than usual.


If nybble 12 is set to 1 the Swooper will be double the size than usual. It also has unused settings in nybble 11 that shift it down by 1 or 2 tiles.


If nybble 12 is set to 1 the Wiggler will be double the size.

Enemy Generator for Pipes[edit]

If nybble 12 is set to 1 it spawns enemies more slowly. A setting like this was later used in New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

Platform Block[edit]

If nybble 12 is set to 1, all the blocks turn into used blocks when the top block is spawned.

Koopa Troopa[edit]

Koopa Troopas have an unused setting that makes them spawn as an empty shell. If the color setting is blue as well, the Koopa exhibits na early behaviour, depicted in prerelase materials; the shell has to be ground-pounded for Mario to power-up as Blue Shell Mario - otherwise it just acts and looks like a normal shell (other than the blue pallete).


If nybble 12 is set to 0, it won't chase after Mario, it'll just run back and forth like it does when an object is in its way.

Lakitu Spawner[edit]

If nybble 11 is set to 1, the Lakitu will throw rolling Spiny Eggs. These Spiny Eggs are knocked off screen when defeated via a block, rather the normal behaviour of "hatching" and going into their shell. The relevant setting for the Lakitu is in nybble 12, and for the Spiny, it is nybble 11.

Move-once-on Lift[edit]

  • The travelling distance setting (nybble 7) has multiple unused values ranging from 232 blocks to 15240 blocks. Only "unlimited" blocks and 114 blocks are used.
  • The speed setting (nybble 6) has an unused option: 15 pixels/sec.
  • It has "triggering event" settings. When the event is activated, the lift appears with no animation or effect and disappears the same way when the event if deactivated

Snake Block[edit]

The Snake Block "last path node behaviour" setting (nybble 5), which determines what the Snake Block does when it reaches the last node of its path, has four unused settings:

  • Stops
  • Reverses direction
  • Skyrockets (disappearing after moving 44 blocks and 7 pixels)
  • Falls apart like with the used setting, but it keeps its shape.

It also has a setting that makes it move slower.


If nybble 12 is set to 1 it will be double the size and it will propel Mario much higher. It has a very tall hitbox which means the player can pick it up from above. It can also get stuck in a wall if it is thrown at one.

(discovery: Ninjifox)
(hitbox info: Skawo)

Defunct Settings[edit]

  • Thwomp - what appears to be a defunct setting in nybble 12.

Unused Sprites[edit]

Some used actors have sprites even though they aren't used as sprites:

  • Player
  • Lakitu
  • Spike Bass
  • Final Bowser

And the Flip Fence has a duplicate sprite.


Unused Actor Parameters[edit]


The actor number(s) is in parenthesis.

  • (79) Dorrie sprites can be triggered by a flag to turn to the right from facing the front and start moving. They also have a setting to face the left, the back and the front. They have values that can be used to make them spawn with different sizes than are used in the game.
  • (113) Bowser Jr. [nybbles/values for different behaviours].
  • (117) Scuttlebug [nybble/value for different behaviour when stomped]
  • (125) Arrow [nybble for making player appear behind the actor].
  • (127) Splunkin [nybble for acting as if they were hit].
  • (134) Toadsworth [value for unused type of Toad House?].
  • (165,166,171,172,173,174,182,183,186) A lot of platforms can be shown/hidden by flags.
  • (175) Three Platform Wheels have a nybble that makes the platforms longer.
  • (195) Moving Mushrooms have a nybble that causes the platform to ride on lines.
  • (198) Balance Platform [has values/nybbles for different movement]
  • (206) Tile God Event [unused tiles that can be created, unused patterns?]
  • (208) Floating Barrel [have a nybble that starts them submerged].
  • (230) Drawbridge's movement can be switched on and off by flags.
  • (237) Springboards have a nybble that makes the Springboard larger and bounce Mario higher. You can also get it stuck in walls.
  • (242-247) Switches have an [nybble/value] that prevents the music from being interuppted by the clock-ticking noise (confirm). They also have an [nybble/value] that makes them act sortof like the Platform Switches (the orange blocks) [confirm] [describe better].
  • (258) Hanged ? Block [has unused content values].
  • (250) Hanging bouncing ? block [has unused content values].
  • (256) Roulette Block [has unused content values].
  • (259) Blockhopper [has unused content values].
  • (260) Flying ? Block [has unused content values].