Super Mario Galaxy

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Empty Directories[edit]

The root of the game's filesystem contains some unused, empty directories:

  • AllTargetAddressMap - May have contained symbols.
  • AllTargetModuleData - Unknown.
  • Debug - Contains build information and a debug font in Photos with Mario.
  • MapPartsData - May have contained files related to MapPart objects. This folder is referred to in Super Mario 3D Land and Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker.
  • SystemData - In later games using the engine this contains object tables, shaders, region information and game config files.

Revisional Differences[edit]

To do:
  • Differences between the US and EU versions of ReverseForestHomeZone.arc, TamakoroExBZone.arc, game over text graphics and text files in detail.
  • Differences between JP/US/EU versions of EndingALuigi.thp, EpilogueALuigi.thp, FinalBattleLuigi.thp, apploader.img, opening.bnr,, SMR.szs and Icon.arc with the KO files.