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This page details prerelease versions of New Super Mario Bros. 2.

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Nintendo Direct Images (21 April 2012)[edit]

Prerelease 1-1 A1 Z1
NSMB2-Prerelease-Nintendo Direct 21 April 2012-Images-1.jpg NSMB2-Prerelease-Nintendo Direct 21 April 2012-Images-1 - Final Equivalent.png
Prerelease 3-3 A1 Z1
NSMB2-Prerelease-Nintendo Direct 21 April 2012-Images-2.jpg NSMB2-Prerelease-Nintendo Direct 21 April 2012-Images-2 - Final Equivalent.png
Prerelease 4-2 A1 Z1
NSMB2-Prerelease-Nintendo Direct 21 April 2012-Images-3.jpg NSMB2-Prerelease-Nintendo Direct 21 April 2012-Images-3 - Final Equivalent.png
Prerelease 2-1 A2 Z1
NSMB2-Prerelease-Nintendo Direct 21 April 2012-Images-4.jpg NSMB2-Prerelease-Nintendo Direct 21 April 2012-Images-4 - Final Equivalent.png

E3 2012 Trailer (June)[edit]

To do:
1. Compare 3DS trailer app version for 3D differences. 2. Dump the trailer app and extract the filesystems. 2. If possible, get the source video from Nintendo press kit, website or from 3rd party press company.

E3 Stage Demo[edit]

E3 Floor Demo[edit]

E3 Images[edit]

Prerelease Final
NSMB2-Prerelease-E3 2012 Images-1.png
Prerelease Final
NSMB2-Prerelease-E3 2012 Images-2.png
Prerelease Final
NSMB2-Prerelease-E3 2012 Images-3.png
Prerelease Final
NSMB2-Prerelease-E3 2012 Images-4.png
Prerelease Final
NSMB2-Prerelease-E3 2012 Images-5.png
Prerelease Final
NSMB2-Prerelease-E3 2012 Images-6.png
Prerelease Final
NSMB2-Prerelease-E3 2012 Images-7.png
Prerelease Final
NSMB2-Prerelease-E3 2012 Images-8.png
Prerelease Final
NSMB2-Prerelease-E3 2012 Images-9.png
Prerelease Final
NSMB2-Prerelease-E3 2012 Images-10.png
Prerelease Final
NSMB2-Prerelease-E3 2012 Images-11.png
Prerelease Final
NSMB2-Prerelease-E3 2012 Images-12.png

Nintendo Post-E3 Event Floor Demo[edit]

E3 Iwata Asks[edit]

Comic-Con GameSpot Nintendo Rep Stage Demo[edit]

Comic-Con GameSpot Gameplay Footage Demo[edit]

July Iwata Asks[edit]

Japan / USA / Europe

  • Different people made the stages for this game.
  • They made the stages before the mechanics.
  • Amano: We wanted to make a solid, classic Super Mario game, so first we reconstructed the Super Mario stage elements, and then made 80 stages—no, more than that—and added in a bunch of the coin elements mentioned by Tezuka-san, and reconstructed the stages yet again…and I think it turned out to be a game that is fun to play. [what does he mean 'reconstructed the Super Mario stage elements?]

  • Gold Koopa Troopas were the first gold variation enemies made.
    • Iwata: Like, "Make gold Goombas, too!"
    • Ishikawa: Yeah. And, "Make Lakitu gold!" (laughs)
    • Amano: And we made Bullet Bill gold.
    • Iwata: So this time, all sorts of stuff turn into gold. [shows Gold: Koopas, Goombas, Pipe Piraha Plants, Jumping Cheep Cheeps, Fire Bros, Lakitus, Goomba Towers, Bullet Bill, Banzai Bill, Banzai Blaster, Rotating Bill Blaster]
    • Ishikawa: And then the screen…
    • Iwata: It gets filled with gold/
    • Everyone: (laughs)

  • Ishikawa: The designers were worried that it would begin to look gaudy.
    • Iwata: They were worried that with too much gold, it might look tacky.
    • Ishikawa: Yeah. But the final visuals actually gave a luxurious impression and were simply pleasing. I thought, "This is great!"

  • The Gold Flower powerup was based on the brick-to-coin functionality of the P Switch.

  • The developers considered calling the game 'New Super Mario Bros. Gold'
    • But they felt that the game was solid without the coin features, so they changed the name to 'New Super Mario Bros. 2'

  • At the time of the interview, the additional Coin Rush stages were started, but not completed.

Nintendo Game Seminar 2014[edit]

NSMB2-Nintendo Game Seminar 2014.png

(Nintendo Game Seminar 2014]: [