Notes:Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii

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File formats[edit]

LH compression[edit]

All files are compressed as .LH files.

Use ntcompress.exe or similar. And create a batch file with the code below, place ntcompress.exe and the batch file in the folder with the LH'd files and run the batch file

for %%f in (*.LH) do ntcompress.exe -x -o %%~nf %%f

if you want to recompress them to .LH

for %%f in (*.arc *.bin *.kpbin) do ntcompress.exe -lh %%f

This will work easily in wine in the terminal by first running wine cmd

(Source: JasonP27)

World Map tilesets[edit]

Newer Team hasn't released their world map editor yet, but somebody made an equivalent.
This tool can be used to open world map files.


Message.arc can be decompressed to produce a bmg file with Brawlbox and then converted to txt with Wiims SZS Tools. It is a slightly long-winded process, so finally here is the plain text version of Message.arc.


Magic Platform[edit]

The "Magic Platform" sprite is a custom sprite made for Newer. It can be used to make tiles move when an event is activated. Hence the name, it creates platforms out of nothing other than tiles.