Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii/Unused Levels

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Level-based shops[edit]

Every world has an unused #-99 Level, unlike other unused levels they are listed in the LevelReport.txt (see Developer Text).
Each are called their World's shop name.
All are empty apart from entrance, zone and area settings, and may just have been placeholders, before the world-map based shops were made.

Unused Music/Challenge Houses[edit]

  • World 5 Challenge House
  • 5 Unspecified or World 9 challenges
  • 2 Music Houses

World 6 | Yoshi's Island - Incomplete Yoshi's House[edit]

World 6 | Pumpkin Boneyard - Incomplete Delusion Castle[edit]

World 8.2 | Koopa Core - Incomplete Final Castle | Bowser's Keep[edit]

World C | Sky City - Unused Level[edit]

This would have been in-between what is now C-1 and C-2 or as World 9-14.

World 9 | Special World - Unused Levels[edit]

There are 8 unique unused World 9 levels! They may have been in themed worlds originally. The other unused ones are; an incomplete version of 9-22 Unused Level. and a duplicate of the Sky City Unused Level.