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Level Tilesets[edit]

Bonus Room - Pa1_toytown2[edit]

File:Newer-Tileset ToyTown2.PNG
Unused "Toy-related" Tiles are also present.

Type of Level The Tileset Was Used In Actual Name Of File On SD Card Explaination
Bonus Room and Switch Palace Pa1_toytown2 World 4 used to be "Toy Town" but was replaced by Sakura Village because:

Quote from antnee:

"I wasn't there at the very beginning of Newer's development, but I would assume that it
was a Galaxy reference.

Newer, in those days, had an almost sexual obsession with Super Mario Galaxy. Seriously,
there must have been ten levels that were named "_____ Galaxy". Myself, I wasn't too
impressed with the Galaxy games... In fact, I fought several times to get W5 replaced with
something else, and almost succeeded. Since we couldn't figure out a viable alternative, I
made the W5 tilesets to tie things together, and minimize my dislike of the world. I think it
turned out pretty good in the end, and now I'm pretty happy with it.

World 4 had an interesting development, I see it as almost a microcosm of Newer's
development as a whole.

In the beginning, there was only an Idea. Toy Town. A couple members liked it, but those of us who actually had to do the work of making it a
palatable gaming experience hated it. A few days (seemed like weeks) of "team meetings" took place, and we decided to go a
different route.

We came up with a short list of different world ideas, and voted on them. If I recall
correctly. voting was pretty scattered. Tempus and I really liked the idea of making a Japanese themed world, sort of a throwback to Super Mario Land for Gameboy. Eventually,
we hammered out apretty solid theme, and one of (in my opinion) the best Newer worlds
was born.

Later on, Shyguys were added, and it seemed a pretty logical choice to add them to this
world. In my opinion, the changing of World 4 from Toy Town to Sakura Village was a
turning point in Newer's development."

Map Tilesets[edit]

Sky City - StarRoad.bin[edit]