New Super Mario Bros. Wii/Unused Objects

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Unused Objects[edit]

"Larry Koopa Controller" > "Test Enemy" "An early version of Larry Koopa." > "A non-moving test enemy that uses an slightly different Larry Koopa design that the actual Larry Koopa boss"

See-Saw Platform[edit]

["you can change the tilt limit and its length." > "Unlike the one in NSMB, you can change the tilt limit and its length."

Four Self-Rotating Platforms[edit]

"These are" > "These are like"
"Unlike the one in NSMB, they can't be flag-triggered."

Rising Player Platform[edit]

Remove "It seems that the platform glitches and stops moving once it reaches a certain height."
"Has a lot of options" > "It has all the options in had in NSMB, including the unused ones."

Swinging Pendulum Lift[edit]

Remove ", except that they self-rotate (you don't need to attach them to a rotation controller)"

Loose Arrow[edit]

"game." > "game, the direction settings are slightly different and the Z order settings weren't ported."

Giant Buzzy Beetle[edit]

"Giant Buzzy Beetles later" > "Big (double-sized) Buzzy Beetles later"

Broken Objects[edit]

  • [no code at all] EN_SLIP_PENGUIN was likely an early version of the Cooligan, which is EN_SLIP_PENGUIN2.

Unused Settings[edit]

Treasure Chest[edit]

Sprite 203
The Treasure Chest has a "triggering flag" setting. When it is used, it will spawn when the flag is activated, and will not despawn when the flag is deactivated.

This setting is in fact used in all the Enemy Courses apart from the World 1 ones, but those Treasure Chests are set to be spawned by the Enemy Course Controller when all the Toad Baloons are collected, so the setting is ignored.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Star Coin[edit]

Sprite 32
The Star Coin has a "triggering flag" setting. When used, it can activate a flag when collected. There is a related setting that lets you choose if the flag is activated permanently or on a timer. The former setting was used in New Super Mario Bros..