New Super Mario Bros./Unused Tiles

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Water Tile[edit]

A tile version of water, which uses a otherwise unused Tile Behaviour settings. The used one is an actor, which allows it to be much more dynamic. For Mario to act correctly when touching the ground while in the water, you need to set the tiles below the water to have the water Tile Behaviour setting as well as the normal solid Tile Behaviour setting.

This was removed earlier on in development, judging from the fact that this water can't be seen in an prerelease footage and that certain actors don't act correctly with this water.

The following actors swim or float along the surface of the actor version of water, but just act as if there is nothing there with the tile version of water:

  • Spike Bass
  • Jumping Cheep Cheep
  • Skeeter

In addition, instead of floating on the tile water when they touch it, Spinies jump to the nearest water actor and float on that. They disappear if there is no actor version of water nearby.