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New Super Mario Bros. has less unused actors than NSMBW, but has lots of unused settings.

To do:
  • The rest. See actor table.

(20,137-141)Event Controllers[edit]

Sprite 101, 166, 165, 164

(49)Camera Controller - Zoom[edit]

Sprite: 84

(92)Event Triggerable - Physics Affected Coin[edit]

Sprite 49

(153)Invisible Fireball[edit]

Sprite 266
[image? (it is not invisible when touched)] [description]

(102)Giant Venus Fire Trap[edit]

Sprite 124

(164)Rotating Platform[edit]

Sprite 36

(105)Balance Mushroom[edit]

Sprite 203
[describe differences to sprite 238]

(233)"Jelly Platform"[edit]

Sprite 175

(247) Red ! Switch in Brick[edit]

Sprite 247
An object which contains the Red ! Switch like its P Switch & ? Switch counterparts.

(251,253)Rotating Spike ? Blocks[edit]

Sprite 143, 145

(280)FG Effect - Plants[edit]

Sprite 255 [image]

(299-300)FG Effect - Grassland Clouds[edit]

Sprite 325 and 324
A Foreground Effect that uses graphics similar to the clouds in the background of grassland levels. Comes with lots of different options, like the other FG Effects: [description].

A similar sprite with smaller clouds exists as sprite 324.

Duplicate Sprites[edit]

  • Sprite 85 is the same actor as sprite 223 (Flip Fence).

Broken Actors[edit]