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You can compile one, from the resources listed under 'Levels' 'Graphics' ect. But only when the project leader/s agree that their is enough nsmb-implimented resources to make a release pack.


The first version. Contained 1-1 and 1-Castle BROKEN LINK - version lost

0.2 / Update 2/4/10[edit]

1-2, 1-3 and 1-5 added. 1-2 is unfinished, 1-3 is currently in-completable. 1-5 is a rope level. Beta ? Block added. No animation yet. BROKEN LINK - version lost

0.3 / PATCH UPDATE[edit]

BROKEN LINK - version lost

Blue Ring Version[edit]

Blue ring added. Some general improvments. Unreleased to pubic. BROKEN LINK - version lost

mspeter97 edition[edit]

Lots of improvements thanks to mspeter97. Unreleased to pubic. Version lost. NSMB beta is being developed again and open-sourced in this thread. All new stuff will appear downloadable separately in the sections and patches with a certain level of completeness will be released under Release Packs.