Mario vs. Donkey Kong

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[add unused code to bob]

Unused Objects[edit]

[improvement codes > level editor improvement codes]

To do:
Research other unused objects, such as STOP switch, using upaluppa's improvement codes.

Exclamation Mark Box[edit]

[Box > Boxes]

Unused Code[edit]

Mini-Mario Crystal Ball Key[edit]

[move here]

Running Bob-ombs[edit]

[move here]

(Source: Upaluppa)

Falling Off The Level[edit]

If Mario falls off the bottom of a level, the normal death sounds and camera movement will occur, but the game will not exit the level and take away a life - it'll just stay there until the game is reset. You can get down bellow a level by deleting ground tiles using the unused level editor.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Regional Differences[edit]


USA Japan
Mario vs Donkey Kong-NST us.png Mario vs Donkey Kong-NST eu.png

The Nintendo Software Technology logo at boot-up is larger and lower-down in the the European version.

(Source: Original TCRF research)