Luigi's Mansion

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To do:
  • test unused objects (e.g. bvhead, bwpair, bvbody, waluige, ball, ball2 and bmario)
you need to create a new entry (easy with jmpman, just copy and paste a set of entry tags then paste) then set the roomno field to 2 (foyer), ball and ball2 would be characterinfo but I dont think you can spawn ball and ball2 as they probably do not have an associated moveobj (an internal name used for things like characters and iirc enemies as well)
  • code differences between all versions
  • differences in sound data between jp+us and us+usdemo
  • differences in event scripts between jp and usa
  • differences in game*.szp blo files between versions
  • \Iwamoto\map2\room_08\reizo.bin was changed in usa ver
  • a door is added to room_70 (a version of the king boo room) in the usa version, but is this version of the king boo roo even used?
  • key, scd and txp files in Kawano have some differences in usa ver
  • in jp ver, Kawano\ENGLISH\res_slct\select\timg contains datainfo_luiji.bti, which seems to be an unused duplicate of a file used elsewhere
  • us translation mistake on title screen: "change option settings"
  • Map differences in US ver. Including jmp, path and files
  • \Game\game*.szp\data\model\dummy2\bas\callmar.bas, model\boy.szp\boy\bas\deru.bas ,[..]\syutugen.bas, model\father.szp\father\bas\biribiri.bas were changed in usa ver
  • model\kopabody.szp\kopabody\key\fire.bas was changed in usa ver
  • difference in Ajioka\ADemo\opcn\opcn.scd between usa and eur ver
  • very minor differences in english message39 and message80 between usa and eur ver
  • the value of mNormalItemTblId in Game\game.szp\data\param\ctp\banaoba.prm was changed to 3 in the eur ver
  • map2 and map4 have differences in between us ver and eu ver
Unused Text
Regional Differences

Revisional Difference[edit]

The "Europe Revision 1" version changed the Pikmin movie to remove ESRB rating at the start. ESRB is an American rating board, so this makes sense.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Folder Naming Oddities[edit]

[talk about how some folders are named after staff]

Removed Files[edit]

[todo: remove used ones]
The unused files called Entries.Log which are only present in the Japanese version [confirm] list some unused folders. [todo: staff member folder names]

  • Koga
  • Kohno
  • Sato
  • demo
  • movie
  • sotoike
  • Ajioka\ADemo0
  • Ajioka\Data
  • Ajioka\Demo0
  • Ajioka\Demo1
  • Ajioka\Demo2
  • Ajioka\Demo3
  • Ajioka\Demo4
  • Ajioka\J3D_data
  • Ajioka\Test
  • Ajioka\fly
  • Ajioka\luigi
  • Ajioka\situji (situji means butler)

Save Data Version Info[edit]

To do:
document how the save data differs between game versions

The save data's internal name contains what seems to be save data version string. It doesn't differ between versions of the game. Note that the save data itself *does* differ between the Japanese and USA versions of the game, at least.

(Source: Original TCRF research)