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Unused Text
Revisional Differences

Unused Event Data[edit]

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In the section of text reserved for Melody's piano guessing game (event03), there's a few pieces of text that are never used.

Tataketo's theme
Tokeketa's theme
Totakeke's theme
By the way...I wrote that song. Do you know what it is called?

Totaka's Song (called "Totakeke's theme" song here) was apparently supposed to appear in the guessing game as well as or instead of in the controller style select menu. Totakeke is the Japanese name for K.K. Slider, a character from the Animal Crossing series who is associated with Kazumi Totaka.

The event data that would show these strings and play Totaka's Song is actually present and fully functional in the event file, but it's dummied out by being left out of the random jump that plays either of the two used versions. Totaka's theme can be made to play by forcing the game to jump to case3. Unlike the other songs this one does not lower the volume of Luigi's shuffling noises.


The song itself is called PianistQuiz03. The used piano songs are named PianistQuiz01 and PianistQuiz02. '01' is the SMB1 Underwater theme, and '02' is the SMB3 Ground Theme music.

You can force the relevant event to be run with this Action Replay code for the Europe version of the game:

04005020 88030088
04005024 2C000070
04005028 40820010
0400502C 38000033
04005030 98030005
04005034 9803000C
04005038 387F0000
0400503C 480626D8
04067710 4BF9D910

There's also another piece of unused data, an unused variation of "By the way" text above. Unlike the ones above, this one isn't referenced in the unused portion of the event script.

By the you know the
name of this piece?

(Source: Ralf@GC-Forever, Catley, Gamma)
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Folder Naming Oddities[edit]

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Removed Files[edit]

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The unused files called Entries.Log which are only present in the Japanese version [confirm] list some unused folders. [todo: staff member folder names]

  • Koga
  • Kohno
  • Sato
  • demo
  • movie
  • sotoike
  • Ajioka\ADemo0
  • Ajioka\Data
  • Ajioka\Demo0
  • Ajioka\Demo1
  • Ajioka\Demo2
  • Ajioka\Demo3
  • Ajioka\Demo4
  • Ajioka\J3D_data
  • Ajioka\Test
  • Ajioka\fly
  • Ajioka\luigi
  • Ajioka\situji (situji means butler)
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Save Data Version Info[edit]

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The save data's internal name contains what seems to be save data version string. It doesn't differ between versions of the game. Note that the save data itself *does* differ between the Japanese and USA versions of the game, at least.

(Source: Original TCRF research)