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["PAL" -> "Europe(an)" etc]

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Removed Sounds[edit]

To do:
There are more. Also test if these are played.

Note: extraneous parts of filenames have been removed. For example, NCS_SE_ before all sounds in sequence archives.

Sequence Archives[edit]


The first sound in the archive. Presumably was a menu sound as it was with other menu sounds.

No jingle plays on the VS Mode "one moment please" screen.

Unused Object Behaviors[edit]

  • The Ice Block, Pushable Block, CCM Ski Lift and CCM Ice Sheet can be smashed by players in giant form. The CCM Ski Lift breaks up into brick block shards, like the Rolling Log object, but the Ice Block and Pushable Block have their own unique shards. The CCM Ice Sheet has to be ground-pounded and smashes the same way as when Wario ground pounds it, which is the used scenario.

Build Date[edit]

[ordered by date]

USA Japan USA Rev 1 Japan Rev 1
2004-10-15 23:29:24 Administrator 2004-10-25 18:50:33 Administrator 2004-11-05 21:13:01 Administrator 2004-11-09 12:31:12 Administrator
US Kiosk Demo Europe China Korea
2004-11-11 11:16:17 Administrator 2005-01-13 08:50:39 Administrator 2007-05-16 11:41:10 yosimoto 2007-05-18 22:30:30 Administrator

Unused Areas[edit]

"The names for these levels come from the crash debugger and map select." -> "The names for the unused maps come from the crash debugger/map select and model/directory names, respectively."

Original Peach's Room[edit]

[replace text and image]

The red box is the exit.

In the original game, the room containing The Princess' Secret Slide is a small hexagonal room with a sign and three stained-glass windows of Peach. The DS remake replaced this with a much larger room in a separate map with the sign, two stained-glass windows - with the one on the right warping to the slide, doors that allow you to swap characters, and a door going to Peach's Rec Room.

Despite this, the original room is still a part of the castle model, complete with the sign and Secret Slide warp, though most of the textures are incorrect and it doesn't have any collision. The sign has the same settings as the final room.

By removing the warp behind the door in the foyer that goes to the map containing the new room, setting the door so it goes to area 6 (the area the original room is in) and adding collision data, the player can enter it.

In the early room, the setting of the exit that defines the entrance the player returns to after losing a life or getting a star is set to entrance 0x00 - standing on the center of the main castle floor, which is also used when the player exits a level via the pause menu. In the final room, the exit is set to entrance 0x0 - falling down to the center of the main castle floor, which is also used for when you lose a life or get a star in the "? Switch" level. The warp is also smaller in the early room, to fit the smaller window.