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Unused Menus[edit]

To do:
Document the leftovers in the final game. There are archives in the Scene folder and the address for the current menu is 021653BA (in the Europe version), but simply changing it like you can in the demo doesn't work - the game crashes.

Emblem Editor[edit]

Internal Name: Edit
The final emblem editor is called Emblem.

Debug Menu[edit]

Internal Name: Menu
A debug menu is present in the Kiosk Demo which contains many features. The menu used in this demo is called E3Menu and the menu used in the final is called Menu, like this debug menu. More information can be found on the Early Modes subpage

Communication Error / Test[edit]

Internal Name: Test


Internal Name: Unknown or none in game


Internal Name: Unknown or none in game

Record Screen[edit]

Internal Name: Record