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World 1-A Area 3[edit]

Star Coin 2 bonus room
with used Bonus Room tileset with unused Bonus Room tileset
NSMB-1-A A3 with used bonus tileset.png NSMB-1-A A3 with unused bonus tileset.png

An unused Area 3 for World 1-A. It present only in the USA version (which was the first built version) and only the bgdat (tile data) file is left. The pipe on the left is a breakable/movable if you are Mega. Oddly, some of the tiles in this Area extend off the level "canvas". The only tilesets that fit are the two bonus room tilesets. Because of the blocks' positions relative to the ceiling and ground, it could be assumed the room was underwater. The pipe/block layout is similar to the one of the 2nd Star Coin room in this level (which is in Area 1) and the idea of an underwater room using the bonus room tileset is used in the World 3-A Mini Mario bonus room.

(Source: Original TCRF research)